Creating unrivaled quality of furniture could only be done by experience and well trained professionals and the use of modern day technologies.  The factory is well equipped with the latest German production lines fully integrated with our very own in house studio run by our talented designers. Through computer aided design software, powering all equipment, it give us great versatility and flexibility in producing our wide sophisticated range of products from small individual batches scaling to large production runs.


This automated process can work on many materials whether with natural veneers or plain colored panels and achieve stunning finishing quality – all the time!


The factory is equipped with high precision automated production line securing our position in the future where digital manufactory dominates the high speed CNC drilling and processing machinery are designed for complex operations for large production batches.

The processing center a factory on its own. this high capacity through feed computer controlled processing center can produce complicated workpieces at a blink of an eye. This is La Roche backbone when it comes to vast production batches needed in a short lead time.


The key to La Roche’s distinguished and elaborated style lays in the accessories which compliments the unit without losing the artisian characteristic. We strive not only to source the best quality, but also the most innovative systems. Our accessories uniqueness have grown to give recognition to any La Roche piece.

Quality & Raw Materials

Our continuous hunt for high-end material that fit our unique designs are the key principles that have always driven our company to be innovative as it is.

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