Fairmont Nile City Hotel
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Fairmont Nile City Hotel


Since bedrooms should be a place where it is easy to relax.
Fairmont Hotel rooms are soothing, bright, and welcome
relaxation while beautiful furnishings, art, and accessories add
just enough personality that each room feels like home.

Enchanting Glow at the Heart of Cairo

This bedroom feels instantly bigger with the use of plenty of white and enough lighting, and gives an enchanting glow and as this bedroom definitely demonstrates.

La Roche’s exquisite production ensures that the quality of your stay is unmatched.

Fairmont Hotel

Participate in an interplay of color and light at the Fairmont. Exquisite production quality and finishing marks the La Roche name, and we’ve brought that to life with gleaming, sleek wooden surfaces and a mellow palette, creating soothing, restful movement throughout the rooms.

Refining & Redefining Glamour

Commanding space, La Roche’s headboards are the undeniable centerpieces of these rooms.
Embodying spectacle and presence, supremely glamorous is the best way to describe their tucked, geometrical upholstery, while dark, rich wood echoes elements throughout the room.