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Creating unrivaled quality of furniture

Pioneers in the industry; the purveyors of quality, at La Roche we know that creating unrivaled quality of furniture only happens when experienced professionals are combined with modern-day technologies.

The Factory is equipped with a high-precision automated German production line that is fully integrated with our very own in-house studio, run by our talented designers.


La Roche’s Factory

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The Factory

All of our equipment is powered by computer-aided design software, affording us great flexibility to produce a wide range of products ranging from small individual batches to large production runs.

Our planning, production, and warehouse processes are also run and monitored by ERP software. This ensures efficient production flow, adherence to product specs, and proper management of materials, reducing waste and ensuring high quality, at low cost.


High precision automated german production lines

The Factory

Through computer aided design software, powering
all equipment, it gives us a great versatility and
flexibility in producing our wide range of products
from small individual batches scaling to large
production runs.

The entire planning, production and warehouse
processes are run and monitored by ERP software.

This ensures efficient production flow, adhering to
product specs and properly managed materials,
reducing waste and thus keeping cost to a minimum.


Computer-aided design software equipment

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