“La Roche” one of the leading companies in today’s Egyptian furniture platform, furnishing world leading hotels & also offering contemporary living solutions for a demanding modern generation setting for no less than an unmistakable lifestyle.
Founded in 1984, a family owned business with a humble production facility of 700 sqm, has reached a substantial size of 11,000 sqm today, by continually striving to produce top notch contemporary furniture and fitting using the finest materials from around the world.
Having our very own factory and custom made computer-controlled machinery enables us a lot of flexibility. We design products, using sophisticated software and equipment and durable materials, created for clients in search for pieces stating both differentiation and fondness.
La Roche sets the pace for contemporary furniture for Egypt & the region at large. Our unflagging quest for perfection to our furniture made by La Roche helped to turn the made in Egypt label into a seal of quality.

Design Concept

Modern living for an unmistakable lifestyle where uniqueness prevails…

We create unrivaled furniture and fittings for highly demanding clientele who seeks attention to minor details, originality and exclusivity.

With our made to measure furniture and designs in accordance to customer needs whilst maintain original design.  Such a service makes our products unique and highlights the difference between a made to fit, and a cash ‘n and carry piece.


Our biggest asset are our staff whom have grown to be the La Roche big family. Our family has led us through a great adventure created our own path with wholeheartedness and professionalism. Our volumes indicate how we have developed into a trademark of distinctive design and quality on the Egyptian furniture landscape, by the talented sophisticated manual skills and innovative technologies performed by our experts.

Customer Service

Clients enjoy a high level of service. Our staff makes it their daily business to produce exceptional products and satisfy clients; and empowering our employees is vital in reaching this goal. With the help of a sophisticated IT infrastructure powered by SAP, precise and accurate reports and information are available on demand.

Management System

We are certified to the ISO 9001 international working standards. Now after any years of mastering an efficient business cycle, our customers and staff enjoy the merits of competent and dynamic management.

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